Beyoncé Shares Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Her Private Life With Jay Z

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
"I don't need air in my lungs, if I can't sing your songs. No I need hands, if I don't get to keep you warm. I don't really need myself, if I don't need you."
Those are the opening lines to Beyoncé's surprise new song released today, 4/4/17, the day of her ninth anniversary with rapper Jay Z. The lyrics of the song, "Die With You" are so soft they're more like a whisper — a promise. She starts off the chorus with the main gist of the track (and its title), singing: "I live so I can die with you." And while any new Beyoncé music is great music, the best part of the surprise track on TIDAL is the accompanying music video which is composed of new and extended footage from the private lives of the Carters.
The three-minute long video contains new footage from their wedding, clips of them getting their matching "4", their beautiful vacations, and other unscripted and candid moments illustrating the beautiful union of two talented people. It's always exciting (and truth be told, emotional) getting a this look into the lives of one of the most famous and talented couples in the world. But the best part is how the clips help to narrate the song. It starts as a love song to Bey's soulmate, Jay Z, then becomes an open letter to her daughter Blue, and finally transforms into a promise to her future twin children, expected this fall. ´
And, on top of all that splendidness, we also finally get confirmation that Jay Z is the mastermind behind the camera. The last scene of the footage shows Bey approaching the camera smiling, and then the screen flipping around to reveal none of than a smiling and jubilant Jay. His is the best Instagram/videographer/producer husband of them all.
Once you dry your eyes, listen to the track alone and really savor that angelic voice.
Additionally, she Beyoncé created a custom playlist of tracks that she finds the most romantic and symbolic of her years with Jay. It's titled "IV EVER EVER" (god, I love a good pun) and features an eclectic mix of songs from the likes of Sade, Coldplay, Migos, and more.
It's her anniversary and here she is spoiling us. Typical Bey.

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