This Reality Show Couple Dared To Name Their Son Saint

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In Hollywood, names matter. Emma Stone can tell you that firsthand: the actress had to change her name when she entered the audition circuit in Los Angeles because another budding actress/model was already "Emily Stone," Emma's birth name. (And to register with the Screen Actors Guild, you should have a different name than an existing member.) This rule could explain why celebrities are so obsessed with having unique names for their children. That, and it's a lot more memorable to meet or read about someone named, say, Blue Ivy or Apple than someone named Samantha (no offense to anyone named Samantha).
But one new(ish) reality show couple must not have gotten the "don't duplicate famous kids names" memo.
Two stars of Bravo's Southern Charm series (seriously watch it — it takes place in the gorgeous city of Charleston and is a bit more civil, but just as juicy, as the Real Housewives franchise) had the courage to name their second child St. Julian Rembert, and refer to him simply as "Saint." Whoa, whoa whoa. Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, the parents of Southern Saint, really went there. I only wonder how often they're asked about the other Saint, Kim and Kanye's, and whether or not they know they copied his name.
Throughout the season 4 premiere last night, Thomas referred to his son as Saint multiple times, and while watching I could only picture baby Saint West in my head. He's too iconic of an offspring (and he was born first so he really does have dibs). It would be one thing to name your child St- something, and then refer to him by the second name, like, Rembert. But nope, these socialites dared to enter the Kardashian's lane. Brave souls.

Looking forward to Saint's Baptism soon!

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The now-split couple also have a three-year-old daughter Kensington, who goes by Kensie, and are currently in a heated custody battle. Most recently, Thomas was granted sole custody of the two children, as seen in this week's episode and confirmed by The Daily Mail. With all the drama surrounding their relationship, I'm sure the fact that they have a child with the same name as Kimye is the last thing on their mind. But still, at the end of the day, my one wish is that — in a stroke of fate — the two Saints to meet and become friends. As they say, two Saints are better than one.

Saint's first haircut.

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Me and my Sainty boo a few months ago...scroll through

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