Brooklyn Beckham Got His First Tattoo & Instagram Has Questions

Thank you so much Mark x just like dads

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Like father, like son. Brooklyn Beckham appears to be following his father’s footsteps in acquiring body art. The 18-year-old took to social media to share a series of photographs on Saturday, chronicling his experience getting his first tattoo. He shared with his nearly 10 million followers that his ink is “just like [his] dad’s.”
Beckham, the eldest child of singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham and professional soccer legend David Beckham, shared three black and white behind-the-scenes photographs on Instagram of the process. He opted to get permanently inked by celebrity tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, one of his father’s favorite artists, at Shamrock Social Club, Harpers Bazaar UK reports, in Hollywood. “Honoured to have my first tattoo done by dads friend Mark Mahoney,” reads the caption of an Instagram post.

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As for the design of his tattoo, a close-up image reveals a detailed portrait of a Native American figure sporting a feathered headdress. David Beckham, who accompanied his son on the milestone occasion, has a similar tattoo on his torso. While Brooklyn Beckham paid homage to his father with Native American-themed skin art, he chose to get inked in a different location: his forearm.
Incidentally, David Beckham reportedly got his first tattoo — now he has at least 40 — after the birth of Brooklyn in 1999. To mark becoming a father, he got his son’s name inked across his lower back in Gothic script. Beckham has previously shared his views on tattoos and the right way to pick one when asked about regret.
“I don’t regret any of them,” he told CNN. “They all have a meaning. I think that’s what’s important about tattoos, if they have a meaning you’ll never regret them."
Some Instagram users expressed concern about the subject of his tattoo. Amid the compliments and heart-eyed emojis, the most commonly asked question about his new ink is what his inspiration might be.
"You did this for the looks or do you actually know who he is?," asked auleleim.
"Really wanna know what does it mean for u...cuz It's a huge story behind," wrote rdanny_1998.
Brooklyn Beckham has not yet commented on what the source of inspiration, beyond his father's similar tattoo, might be — though zubaidaharip_ commented that it looks "just like Rentap the warrior of sarawak," who lead a rebellion against the British in the pre-Malaysian states.
We will update this story with the information when we learn more.

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