This Girl Claps Back The Idea That Women Should Be Smaller Than Men

Women come in all shapes and sizes and one beautifully outspoken girl won't waste a minute on anyone who thinks otherwise.
When 20-year-old Bekkah came across a tweeted gif of a man scooping a woman up into his arms alongside text romanticizing her small size, she decided to respond by challenging the stereotype.
"When she's small enough for you to do this to her," @GirlThatsSlim posted beneath the gif of a couple doing that romantic lift move we're all more than familiar with now thanks to movies like Dirty Dancing and Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Though he later followed up that tweet with a second saying, "but at the same time, shit I want a girl who can do that to me," Bekkah felt his statement could use a counterpoint on behalf of all the tall girls in the world.
"She doesn't need to be small, he just needs to be strong enough," she responded. The internet wholly approves. At press time, her response racked up more than 72,000 likes and more than 38,000 retweets.
"I know a girl doesn't need to be small to be lifted by a man," Bekkah told BuzzFeed News. "I'm 5 foot 9!" Thus, she explained to the site, she tweeted her response in the hopes of prompting @GirlThatsSlim and his followers to "look at the original tweet from a different perspective." And it worked, with many Twitter users jumping to applaud her statement.
Of course, some disagree with her, largely citing awkwardness, but most of their arguements seemed to lean on the optics of the situation. Frankly, who cares how it looks?
Bekkah stands by her statement.
And don't worry: @GirlThatsSlim maintains a good sense of humor about it all. He told BuzzFeed that the reaction seemed a bit of a double standard, saying "Why does a man have to meet a woman's standards by being 'strong enough' but a woman can't be 'small enough'? Double standards." His only real complaint remains that Bekkah got more retweets than he did. That sounds about right.

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