Emma Stone Didn’t Love That Dirty Dancing Lift In Crazy, Stupid, Love As Much As You Did

While you were enjoying Emma Stone being lifted by Ryan Gosling Dirty Dancing-style, she was having a "full meltdown." During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the La La Land actress said the scene from 2011's Crazy, Stupid, Love was actually pretty horrifying for her. Blame it on her grade school gym teacher. "When I was 7 years old, I was in gymnastics class and I was on these parallel bars...and my teacher was holding me by the ankles," she said. "Somehow or other, she let go. And I was standing on this bar and I felt myself beginning to tip forward...and I fell 6 feet to the ground and I broke both my arms." Stone said she had an "internalized phobia" from that experience, which made it hard for her to trust that Gosling wasn't going to drop her. "I went into full meltdown," she said of filming the scene. This meltdown included crawling into bed and watching Labyrinth. "For an hour I laid down crying," she said. In the end, they used a body double. Gosling had his own take on what lifting Stone was like. "I can only imagine if a possum fell out of a tree," he said, "landed on my head and tried to scratch my eyes out it would be something similar!" (As Gosling proved with his Golden Globes speech, he really does have a way with words.) Despite how difficult the experience was for Stone, this move is just too good not to watch again and again.

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