Jazz Jennings Reveals Plans To Get Genital Reassignment Surgery In New TLC Trailer

Big changes are in store for Jazz Jennings.
A new trailer for the third season of I Am Jazz, the TLC reality show documenting the 16-year-old's life as a trans teen and LGBTQ activist, shows Jennings expressing her eagerness to get "bottom surgery," a term for genital reassignment surgery.
"You are about to turn 16, so I think it's feasible that you could have bottom surgery," a doctor tells Jennings and her mother.
"I definitely want to do it," the teen, who was assigned male at birth, tells him. "I've always dreamed about having this procedure done."
Her parents are wary, however.
"My brain puts on the brakes like, whoah!" her mother says in an on-camera confessional.
“It should be done after you finish high school,” her father suggests.
Jennings is persistent, insisting, "It is ultimately my decision."
It may not be that simple, however. She meets with another doctor, who suggests that he won't be able to perform the surgery she desires.
The new season, which begins June 28, will also see Jennings tackling teen milestones like learning to drive (she hates it) and dating. One scene shows her saying she'd be open to dating another trans teen.
One not-so-typical moment? Getting invited to stand up for trans rights during a debate about bathroom legislation with controversial right-wing pundit Tomi Lahren on TheBlaze. Jennings' father expresses his concerns about his daughter being in the "firing line of a shock jock." Sure enough, Lahren, who has since been fired from the conservative network, gives Jennings and her family the cold shoulder when they meet backstage.
Jennings also gets emotional in the trailer, telling her father "I just really hate myself" and crying to her mother that she "feels bad" about herself. When her mother suggests seeing a therapist, she lashes out.
"You think some random individual who doesn’t even know who I am will have the answers to my questions?” she responds. “You’re frustrating me.”
Watch the trailer below.

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