Norman Reedus To Walking Dead Critics: "You Gotta Stop"

Norman Reedus made some news when he was walking the red carpet for the Garden of Laughs benefit at Madison Square Garden in New York City Sunday night. He spoke with blog the Dirty, telling them that he'd play Michonne if he was a woman, but what he said next raised more eyebrows.
“I think too many people are on the internet,” he told the blog. “And everybody has a computer and everybody has an opinion. Which is fine. But you gotta stop. If you don’t have too much violence, they go there’s not enough violence. Too much violence, there’s too much violence. You just have to tell the story sometimes."
We kind of agree, but we also think that internet doesn't really criticize shows in that way anymore. We've gone from the early internet era, in which everyone was a critic, to our current zeitgeist, which promotes internet activism. The violence levels of shows seems like an almost quaint concern, one that wouldn't really be shared by any outside of concerned parent groups. Although maybe that's just because we're dazzling urbanites [hair flip]. Who's to say?
Of course, Reedus can also just not pay attention to online. He's a rich actor on a successful show that's run for many years and will probably run for as many as the showrunners can stomach. It's a money-making, zombie-killing machine. Who cares what we think, so long as ratings are good?

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