These Teens Faked A Proposal To Get Free Dessert & TBH We Don't Hate It

Remember the stupid stuff you used to do as a teenager, like buy one ticket to the movies and then sneak into a double feature? (Okay, some people still do this.) Well, two Texas teens — Cati Domitrovich, 19, and her best friend Alex Nagle, 17 — took it to the next level. Actually, to the level above that one.
Domitrovich told BuzzFeed News that last Saturday, the two wanted to cheer themselves up so they went out to a fancy dinner. And then, one thing led to another and...this happened.
"We faked a proposal just to get free dessert," Domitrovich tweeted. We kind of can't blame them — there are a lot of things we would do for free chocolate.
When Domitrovich was in the bathroom, Nagle told the waitress he was planning to propose and asked her to take pictures.
"We just had to act like a couple the entire time," Domitrovich told BuzzFeed News. Well, duh. You have to earn that free dessert. Also, we don't know where they got that pink, glitzy ring, but it definitely passes for real and looks stunning.
They must be pretty good actors, because they had everyone in the restaurant fooled. "Everyone believed us and everyone clapped," said Domitrovich. It did seem real — just look at her facial expressions in the photos. That's some emotion.
Were the little chocolate cake and crème brûlée worth the charade? Domitrovich said the freebie was "really good." And Nagle called the whole experience "really fun."
But it seems like they're not done getting fake engaged yet. "We’re thinking about doing it other places, too," said Domitrovich. Careful, guys, Texas restaurants might start noticing...especially if you get any more internet-famous.
People on Twitter were into the whole Bonnie and Clyde operation.
One user even decided to take a page out of the pair's playbook.
Something tells us there are going to be a whole lot more "proposals" in the near future.

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