The Oval Office Got A Very Trump Makeover

Photo: Pete Souza/Flickr; The White House via Facebook.
Times, they are a'changing. Much like health care, immigration, and women's rights, President Donald Trump is putting his Midas touch on just about everything in Washington — and the Oval Office isn't immune. Today, the White House released an official 360-degree tour of the famed room on Facebook and many lovers of liberty (shoutout to you, Olivia Pope) noticed a slew of changes since President Trump took the oath.
Elle Decor reports that like glimmering, gilt property in New York City, Trump has added a lot of gold to the Oval. The most noticeable use of the hue is in the drapes, which were reddish and squared-off during Obama's tenure and are now gold with more traditional swags. In fact, the interiors magazine points out that many of Trump's changes skew traditional. Where Obama hung a modern painting that featured blue brushstrokes and abstract imagery, Trump put a historic portrait. Snoozy? It may be for some people, but it does fit in with the general feel of a room as formal as this.
Behind that famous desk, Obama kept personal family photos on the credenza. It's pretty empty now, but there's still plenty of time for Trump to personalize that particular space. And while there are plenty of flagpoles scattered around the perimeter of the room, Elle Decor notes that Trump added even more. He's also replaced many of Obama's accent pieces with more ornate finds, including side tables and chairs done up in, you guessed it, gold upholstery.
Trump did keep a few things. Of course, the Oval Office desk isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but Trump didn't do anything to the grandfather clock next to that "secret" door. The folding side table by the sofa is also intact, but the sofa itself did get replaced. While Obama kept things more casual with a velvety caramel-colored couch, Trump replaced it with a gold brocade sofa.
There's plenty of time for Trump to add to the room we've all grown so accustomed to seeing, but there's no telling what. Maybe a putting green? We know that first lady Melania Trump is adding a glam room to the White House, so it seems nothing's too far-fetched.
Check out all the changes for yourself.