This Guy Made A Ham & Cheese Sandwich That LITERALLY Looks Like Vin Diesel's Face

Vin Diesel's face is now memorialized in a sandwich — and no, this isn't like that piece of toast resembling Jesus. Vlogger William Osman has created an actual Vin Diesel bust using ham, cheese, bread, and lasers.
Yep, lasers.
In a video that's already accrued over 100,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube, Osman toasts two pieces of bread, carves ham and cheese using a laser cutter — while wearing goggles, because this is serious business — and arranges the slices in a manner that truly resembles the Fast and Furious actor. He even places an olive on top to give Diesel some headwear.
But that wasn't the hard part. Before Osman even started with the construction, his collaborator John Willner spent eight hours on the computer graphics program Autodesk Maya creating a virtual model of the sculpture and determining how to slice the cold cuts. It took even longer to get the ham onto the laser, and then it took an hour and a half to slice and arrange everything.
The construction was surprisingly cheap, though, using only about $6 worth of ham. And Osman still had a lot left over, which he made into another sandwich and ate. But he hasn't eaten the Vin Diesel one, since it tastes burnt from all the laser cutting.
Osman decided to take on this project in response to a viewer's request to "sculpt a bust of Vin Diesel using laser cut cross sections of laser sliced ham," he told Munchies. "I love viewer suggestions; they let me place all the blame on them when the idea is truly terrible." We're not sure if this is terrible or if it's genius. We're going with genius.
We'll leave you with this fascinating theory of Osman's about why this video and others like it have gone viral: "People like destruction, and food is one of the safer things to cut on a laser. Plus it's analogous to the highly requested 'cut human flesh.'"

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