You Could Live In The Great Gatsby Mansion (For A Cool $85 Million)

Photo: Bazmark Films/Warner Bros./REX/Shutterstock.
You read the book in ninth grade and obsessed about the movie in 2013. Now someone could actually own The Great Gatsby mansion — which means party invites aren't out of the question.
The Long Island castle — it's a real castle, guys — that inspired the Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan remake's epic set is now for sale for a cool $85 million. We're hoping some millionaire will snap it up soon, and have the mind to throw lavish weekly parties with Champagne towers and fountain-swimming of their own. It's about time for a roaring-'20s revival, after all.
A brilliant find by Trulia, the 14,551-square-foot, 18-bedroom estate is located on 7.7 acres of land on Long Island's Kings Point. Built in 1928, the colonial-style mansion sits in the center of Nassau County village, with New York City just across the water.
The property has pretty much anything you need for that 1920s party vibe: an outdoor pool with a slide and swim-up bars, a tennis court, gardens and koi ponds, a lazy river... Inside, there's a hair salon, a wine-tasting room, and a full cellar. There are even two separate guest homes with indoor pools, a bowling alley, a casino, and a shooting range. Plus, the two-level garage has enough space for nine cars.
That pier onto which Jay Gatsby walks out looks just like the one in the movie, and it's fit for docking a 200-foot yacht. No word on the green light at the end of the dock — or Daisy's house across the bay — but we think they're pretty easy to imagine.
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