Joanna Gaines Offers Look At The Fixer Upper Rooms You Don't See

We've often wondered what goes on behind closed doors on Fixer Upper. We know that Chip and Joanna Gaines are wizards at re-envisioning a house in ways we didn't think were possible. We also know that they're likely using some standard reality television tricks and are apparently devout megachurch Christians.
Sure, they don't really help the people house-hunt, but the miracles they work are still real. There's no faking design instinct.
Still, we wonder: What about the rooms we don't see? Are they fixed up? Or is the house in sterling condition except for a couple dank dungeons that are, I don't know, ruled by a malevolent bug king who's slowly trying to annex the rest of the house. (Just spitballing.)
Joanna Gaines has answered at least one of those questions in a clip from her upcoming show Fixer Upper: Behind the Design provided exclusively to People. Essentially, the rooms that aren't on TV are the Gaines' staging areas. The clip shows a space filled by buckets, bins, tools, candles, rugs, and various miscellany.
“Most of the time when it’s the reveal, people wonder, what about the other bedrooms? Well, this is one of the bedrooms,” she says. “It’s finished, we’ve got a new light fixture in here, we’ve got all new trim and paint. It’s really pretty, except all of my stuff is in here. So typically two to three of the rooms you don’t see in the reveal look just like this.”
That answers that, we suppose.
Watch the clip below.

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