Kathie Lee Gifford Snuffs Hoda Kotb Feud Rumor Before It Can Even Start

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford are television pros. And part of being professionals is knowing how to defuse rumors of a feud before they have chance to detonate into something actual. The speculation started that maybe they weren't best friends when Hoda posted this photo of Kathie Lee visiting Hoda's new adopted daughter Haley Joy.
"My girl met my girl and my face exploded!" Kotb captioned the snap.

My girl met my girl and my face exploded! @todayshow @klgandhoda

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She had posted photos of all the other Today luminaries visiting her daughter, adopted on February 21, so why not Kathie Lee until now? Well, it's not because Kathie Lee hadn't been to see her.
"Now, that is the picture of Hoda all the time. Every time you see her," Kathie Lee said on Today on Tuesday morning. "But somehow she's forgetting that I came to see her and the baby two days after she got home with the baby. This is not the first time I'm seeing Haley Joy."
That makes sense. I don't take pictures of my best friends every time I hang out with them. The only people that do that are people with a lot of Twitter followers that want to prove that they exist as something more than text and a computer screen.
"I wanted to say that I've been there. That's the way rumors get I guess. Kathie Lee and Hoda aren't really good friends," Kathie Lee went on. "Sometimes people want to believe that kind of garbage. Not true. Don't even start."
Bam. Feud quashed. Ryan Murphy, stay the heck away. These are pros here, and they won't be sucked into our speculation game.

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