Hoda Kotb Brought Her New Baby Haley Joy To The Today Show

Hoda Kotb, resident bundle of joy and excitement on The Today Show, recently adopted a bundle of joy of her own — that's two parcels of unbridled perfection for your Tuesday. As People reports, the co-host of show's fourth hour debuted her new child, Haley Joy, on the show this morning. The baby is only a week old. "She’s a Valentine’s baby,” Kotb told her co-hosts this morning. "She is the love of my life." The 52-year-old also shared an image of Haley Joy and herself on Twitter this morning. She added a simple caption: "My girl."
Haley Joy is the television star's first child. She wrote on Twitter later that the baby is "right on time." Kotb will presumably raise the child with her boyfriend of two years, Joel Schiffman. Kotb's other half, Kathie Lee Gifford, gave her co-host a ringing endorsement. "We are thrilled for you. You were made to be a mom," she said on the show. From the looks of it, this won't be Haley Joy's only appearance on The Today Show. During her brief segment this morning, Kotb joked that the newborn was already asking for Kotb's co-hosts. "I'm feeding [Haley Joy] a bottle, and she is looking at me, saying 'Where's aunt Kathy? Where's aunt Jenna?" Kotb said over the phone. (Jenna Busch Hager is also a host of The Today Show.) She added that she's wanted a baby for a long time. Like most women, Kotb has been plagued by the "do you have children?" question. "It's kind of one of those things that's always been a bit of an ouch and an ache." These days, she can say that yes, she's a mother. Of course, the solution here isn't for women plagued by these questions to have children. Best option: stop asking women if/when/how they have kids. Watch the full segment, below.

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