You Don't Have To Fear Twitter Spoiling Your Favorite Show Anymore

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
I am not particularly spoiler avoidant. Go on, tell me who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) offs this week on The Walking Dead, or which Salvatore brother walked into the great beyond during the finale of The Vampire Diaries: I firmly believe that good television can stand on its own, regardless of spoilers. I do, however, have one exception to this laissez faire attitude towards spoilers: If you ruin a show's fundamental mystery — like, say, the identity of A on Pretty Little Liars, or who killed Jason Blossom on Riverdale — I may remove you from every single social media platform. Sorry not sorry. Fortunately, Twitter now has a new way for people to avoid spoilers without burning bridges by unfollowing friends.
It's about damn time.
Technically, this new feature isn't actually a spoiler blocker — it's not like you can click a button that says "avoid all Game of Thrones tweets," though that'd be pretty damn awesome. Instead, Twitter's new feature allows you to create a custom filter so that you can mute words you'd rather not have show up in your feed.
Not totally sure why that's helpful for you as a TV watcher? It's actually pretty simple. Let's say you can't watch Game of Thrones live, but don't want to avoid your Twitter account all night. Instead of quickly scrolling through any tweet that mentions Jon Snow's fate, you can create a filter that blocks specific stuff. In this case, you could write in things like "Game of Thrones," "Jon Snow," and other words and phrases that might be attached to something spoiler-y.
It's not a perfect system, but it's definitely something. It doesn't have to be used for only spoilers, either: if you're sick of seeing, say, Kardashian coverage, or don't want to be distracted by yet another cute puppy GIF, feel free to have a field day with that mute feature.
While I don't often condone censorship, I have to hand it to Twitter — this feature has plenty of perks.

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