These iZombie Spoilers Prove The Show Isn't Scaling Back The Crazy

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When iZombie season 2 bowed out almost a full year ago, Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) had just told Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) about the existence of zombies — which, to be honest, he took a lot better than expected. Now that the detective — and Liv's boss — finally knows her big secret, how will their relationship change? Err, according to these new spoilers, Liv could very well end up bossing Clive around.
Iver and Goodwin sat down with E! Online to dish about the new season, and they both teased a very un-Liv situation for the white-haired, straight-laced zombie to find herself in. Of why fans should watch the new season, Iver told E! Online:
"You get to see Clive walking through a dominatrix's den. You get to see Robert Buckley playing a 15 year-old girl. And you get to see me staple gun my head."
Goodwin painted a fuller picture of this dominatrix den situation:
"You get to see Rose be the dominatrix. You get to see her be the father of the 15 year-old girl, and you just get to see her crush it all season long with these amazing performances," added the actor.
Is Liv moonlighting as a leather-clad Christian Grey for hire? Possibly, though it's more than likely that Liv will be under the influence of zombie brains while cracking that whip. Liv is a woman of many hats, sure, but it's usually because she consumed the brain of a person wildly different from the undead medical examiner. Liv has been a country blues-singing cowgirl, a pathological liar, and a frat bro. I think it's safe to say that a brain would heavily influence her interest in BDSM as well.
The same goes for Liv and Major's father/daughter duo situation, which was originally teased back in July. It's weird enough feeling familially connected to your boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend, because I can never keep up with these two...) but I have a feeling Liv probably intended to scarf down the daughter brains. Parenting your significant other is never a good time.
While we don't have too many clues as to what's to come on iZombie, these season 3 spoilers prove we're in for one crazy ride. Then again, this is iZombie: I would demand nothing less.

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