The One Part Of Tom & Katie’s Vanderpump Rules Vows That Scares Us

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After experiencing more highs and lows than a Six Flags roller coaster, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney finally tied the televised knot in the Vanderpump Rules season 5 finale. Considering the couple’s so-bad-it’s-iconic joint bachelor-bachelorette party, it’s shocking the Maloney-Schwartz’s nuptials went off without a single hitch.
"Bubs" Katie and Tom looked more in love than ever, SUR bosslady Lisa Vanderpump agreed to wear the theme color of forest green, and there were just so many dogs in attendance. Despite all the wedded bliss in the air, one red flag still shot up while the new Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz were saying their "I Do’s."
Sexy, unique restauranteur Lisa officiated the wedding, meaning she led the couple’s vows. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had Katie say, "I, Katie, take thee, Tom, to be my husband. In sickness and in health. For richer and richer."
The crowd may have laughed along with the totally Lisa gag, but that kind of promise is actually a serious concern for a reality TV couple.
Tom and Katie have just started their lives together and it’s not guaranteed that things will be richer and richer forever. One day, Vanderpump Rules will come to an end and the Instagram #ad business will dry up. The duo should be prepared for when "poorer" arrives, even if that simply means there are no more free pairs of sunglasses to be had or Bravo billboards to pose for.

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Although we know everyone was just joking around, money is actually a pretty big deal for Schwartzy, as we saw when the wedding festivities began. Tom — who’s apparently still paying off his student loans — had a difficult time dealing with the mounting costs of his nuptials, including that $10,150 flower bill. The reality star’s money concerns even made their way into his vows.
As Tom pledged his life to Katie, he mentioned the "fledgling bank account" he had when he first moved to L.A. Financial talk doesn’t usually make it into a wedding, but the groom still managed to make it happen — that’s how much he thinks about money.
Thankfully, it looks like a new "richer" opportunity is in the cards for Tom (and therefore Katie), as Lisa asked Schwartz and BFF Tom Sandoval if they would be interested in going into business with her for a new restaurant, prospectively called Tom Tom.
For the good of The Bubs, long live Tom Tom.
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