Why There's Hope For Tom & Katie On Vanderpump Rules

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We’ve been worried about Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s wedding for nearly two years, ever since the Vanderpump Rules couple got engaged in July 2015. The reality TV duo has a long history of drunken fights, drunken alter egos, and general suspicion around the health of their relationship.
As the now-married pair’s televised nuptials inched closer on last night’s episode of Pump Rules, we finally breathed a sigh of relief. Katie and Tom actually seemed to like each other when their “I Do’s” became imminent.
Katie shows a lot of awareness about her past problems with Tom, telling her legion of bridesmaids, “We’re so excited for our future and in order to do that we need to let go of the past... We’re a team. We’re a unit.”
Thanks to the magic of TV editing, Tom shared the exact same sentiments mere seconds later in “Triple Trouble”. The groom-to-be admits his boozy Louisiana bachelor party was The Worst, saying, “I fell apart in New Orleans. Got sloppy. I was a mess. But it had to happen. Now moving forward I feel like I exorcised whatever lingering resentment was left in me.”
We don’t recommend dealing with severe emotional issues with heavy drinking and spitting on the floor, but Tom proves he’s even ready to move on while sober.

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While finishing up last-minute wedding errands, Tom tells pals Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval he gave the infamous Tequila Katie — AKA fiancée Katie’s hostile, blue agave-filled alter ego — a eulogy that day. For once, everyone agrees Katie’s guy seems happy and relaxed about his walk down the aisle.
Although Tom and Katie talk a big game, their real challenge comes when it's time to pay up for their woodsy nuptials. Tom has an obvious neck spasm as wedding venue owner Kevin confirms the couple is paying $10,150 for flowers. In comparison, their three-night stay in a log cabin and rehearsal dinner combined comes in under $9,000.
We would expect a blowout fight over the Schwartz-Maloney wedding’s gigantic finalized budget of $51,058, but everyone acts like a fairly mature adult. Tom jokes he’s “gonna cry” and laments his student loans, but writes a check when the time comes. Talk about growth.
Since we all know Katie and Tom are very much married right now, let’s hope this is how they’re still behaving when the cameras turn off.

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