We Need These Harry Potter-Inspired Cocktails Immediately

We're shocked that this hasn't happened before, but there's now a Harry Potter-inspired cocktail menu. Driftwood bar in Glasgow, Scotland has a menu themed around the Boy Who Lived and are booking our tickets. We hear Scotland is beautiful this time of year.
The cocktails are numerous, and intensely sugary, and the highlights are clear. The Butterbeer includes toffee vodka, amaretto, lemonade, and whipped cream, which sounds like a hangover waiting to happen. The Goblet of Fire includes Strawberry Mad Dog, Cherry Sours, OJ, and lemonade. Polyjuice Potion is comprised of Orange Mad Dog, triple sec, and lemonade. We honestly didn't expect to see Mad Dog twice mixed in to cocktails, but we suppose that we must trust the master cocktail merchants.
Look, all these are basically guaranteed hangovers. We can't in good conscience say that you won't have a giant headache the next day, but Harry Potter cocktails. Come on, worth it!
Oh, and the Butterbeer looks like this.
Photo: Driftwood Glasgow
Yeah, we're gonna need to go there immediately.

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