The Internet Is LOVING This Low-Key Hannah Montana Reunion

We know that Hannah Montana is returning to TV, but these stars apparently just couldn't wait. Emily Osment and Jason Earles were both hiking when they bumped into each other on the trail and took this adorable selfie.
Earles, of course, played Miley's older brother Jackson Stewart on the show. Osment plays Lilly Truscott, Miley's slightly tomboyish best friend. Here they are, looking cute as various buttons.
After the picture was posted, the internet of course exploded with requests for a Hannah Montana reunion.
Others got a little emotional.
We actually don't think that a Hannah Montana reunion is out of the question. The whole thing would hinge on whether or not Miley Cyrus would be game. She's obviously busy recording her new album (we hope), but her image has become closer to something that Disney would put its name on. Her early move away from that image was highly public, but her more recent and quieter persona seems to lend itself well to something along the lines of a Hannah reunion.
The reunion itself could hew closely to her post-Disney career. She's be recovering from her wild phase and trying to reintegrate herself in family life while the rest of her crew wondered if they could ever have the old Miley back. You know, we'd watch that.
Of course, this also would require a dumptruck of money. But that's always findable in the right circumstances.

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