Dunkin’ Donuts Customers Are NOT Happy About This News

This story was originally published on March 22, 2017.
The Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Coolatta is sort of like the coupon you keep in your purse for that store you went to once and probably won't return to. You never end up wanting it, but you like knowing it's there just in case you change your mind. Now, though, Dunkin' Donuts customers are losing that reassurance — and it's done a number on them.
The doughnut chain has announced that come summer, the Coffee Coolatta will be no more, Business Insider reports. Their reasoning is refreshingly honest: Senior vice president of brand marketing Chris Fuqua simply said, "Our Coffee Coolatta isn’t good enough." And he's right. Coolattas are basically inferior Frappuccinos.
Even though everyone kinda knew that, people are still sad to see the drink disappear from the menu they've come to know and love.
Can we depend on anything anymore?
Change is hard.
But now for the good news. While the coffee flavor will be gone, the fruit flavors will remain. And we'll be getting a new Dunkin' Donuts beverage called Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee, which has coffee extract and dairy but far less sugar than the Coolatta. "We believe it’s time we… contemporize our frozen platform," director of culinary innovation said when the company announced the changes at its headquarters.
On top of that, at the end of March, you'll being seeing Dunkin’ Energy Punch Powered by Monster Energy — Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Coolattas infused with the energy drink, CNBC reports.
The chain's also testing out some new drinks in select locations. It hopes to soon roll out nitro-infused coffee, which comes from a tap and is being tested in Boston and Rhode Island. And in Maine and Florida, customers are trying out Caramel Shaved Ice Espresso.
So, let's stay focused on the positive. Yes, we're down one Coolatta flavor, but more delicious beverages are on their way. Perhaps ones we'll actually end up ordering.

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