We Totally Get Why These Adult Hand Pies Are Described As "Pockets Of Joy"

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? Megpies. Meg what? No not the crow-like bird, but a tasty hand pie that reminds us of a Pop-Tart. You may have already stumbled across these treats at your local Starbucks, as the coffee company started shelling them out nearly nationwide. But until recently, I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting, greeting, and biting into one of these nostalgia-inducing sweet snacks.
I decided to dive in with Strawberry, as that was my OG Pop-Tart flavor of choice. And upon first glance at the packaging, I was sold; clear cellophane framing the square pie, letting its pretty pink icing peep through, and a crisp flourish of white and fuchsia branding to top it all off. Definitely more sophisticated than my previous vending machine varieties. Once I was able to tear the thing open (it took a few tries, that cellophane was sturdy), the smell was distinctly Pop-Tart-ish — although the coloring was much more natural and the weight much denser than I remembered the pre-packaged hand pie of my childhood days to be. After breaking it down the middle, the center contained an ample layer of jammy fruit filling. The first bite was magical; the crust was buttery and flaky without being crumbling, the icing was a nice smooth layer of sweetness, and the filling was jammy without being overpowering. The ratios were altogether pie-like, and the Food Team unanimously agreed that this Megpie tasted like a true strawberry pie in hand pie form. It was a childhood treat turned adult artisan sweet snacking success.
If you're a sugar for breakfast type of person, we'd recommend one of these hefty squares as an easy (fairly crumb free) grab-n-go option for morning commutes. But if you prefer your kick for later in the day, then you might want to check out our pro tip below*. In addition to the salacious strawberry, there are four other flavor options currently available: chocolate, cinnamon brown sugar, blueberry, and mixed fruit. You can scoop up your favorites at various Whole Foods' locations in addition to Sbux for $3.95 a pie.
*Pro Tip: Put in the microwave, oven, or toaster for a quick minute or two for a hot hand pie — scoop of vanilla ice cream optional but encouraged.
Welcome to Snack On This! A weekly series on all-things crunchy, crispy, smooth, savory, and sweet. Join us as we munch our way through the latest snacks that get a big thumbs up from our food team. (That usually means they've made it all the way from our mail pile to a more permanent spot in our not-so-official snack drawer.) Got suggestions for next week? Throw 'em our way in the comments below.

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