Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore Team Up For Amazing Live Friday Night Lights Reading

You know actors are quality when you can throw them a complete curveball and they still knock it out of the park. Or maybe the more proper metaphor would be: Throw them a bubble screen and they take it to the house for a touchdown. What we're trying to tell you, if you weren't so exacting about using the proper figurative language for the proper sport, is that Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore performed a scene from Friday Night Lights live, onstage, with no preparation.
And it was pretty much as amazing as it sounds. The whole exchange happened March 18 at Paley Fest in Los Angeles, and it was captured by Hello Giggles entertainment editor Rachel Paige. We'll just show you the video, because we're nice people and you deserve it.
Neither Milo nor Mandy knew that they'd be ask to read the scene, which will give fans a little bit of a flashback to Jack and Rebecca's fight at the end of the first season of This is Us. Mandy does a little bit better than Milo, since she's apparently a fan of the cancelled NBC show. Milo struggles a bit before he locks down his version of Coach Taylor, asking for a take two, but even he pulls things together in the end.
Honestly, Mandy's open-mouth rictus initially is worth the price of admission alone, but we're going to give them both credit for the rest of their performance. Now all that needs to happen is an FNL reboot with the This is Us cast. Who says no?

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