Josh Gad Explains How Beauty & The Beast & Frozen Should Have Crossed Over

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Few things get us more excited than Disney movie crossovers. The concept is the subject of countless YouTube videos, online articles, and now, celebrity interviews.
If you were one of the thousands of people to see Beauty & The Beast during its opening weekend, then you may have recognized the actor playing LeFou (Disney's first "exclusively gay" character). It's Josh Gad! Also known as the voice behind the adorably cheerful Olaf from Disney's animated hit, Frozen. Together, LeFou and Gaston, played by the chiseled and talented Luke Evans, charmed the pants off of audiences with their bromance. They were the best part of the film to many (and to me).
When he's not acting as the jolly sidekick to the overly masculine town hunk, the real life Gad is sharing the best secrets from the set of the film. In an interview with People, Gad revealed that knowing how beloved his sassy snowman character was in Frozen, he had offered a brilliant idea to Bill Condon, the director of Beauty & the Beast: to give a brief shout-out to dear Olaf. Unfortunately, it was cut, but Gad was still eager to share his idea.
"The Easter egg I fought for [director] Bill Condon to put in but we never did, there’s a moment in the original where a bunch of snow falls on LeFou and he becomes a snowman and I thought, this could kill," he told the site. "It’s a little meta but it could be great."
That would have been amazing. And easy to pull off, especially since there is snow surrounding the prince's castle. Knowing this though, we wonder what else left on the cutting room floor? "What I miss, which we shot and is not in the film, is you having a fight with the toilet," Evans says of Gad's character, who apparently fought a toilet at the castle in the final battle royal between the townspeople and enchanted furniture.
We're going to need an extended version stat. Or maybe a LeFou and Olaf spinoff. Talk about a blockbuster hit.

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