The One TV Show That’s Required Viewing For Hunger Games Fans

The world: dystopian Brazil. The time: the future, of course — this is a dystopia we’re talking about. The premise: After turning 20, residents of the slums have a shot at escaping poverty and making it to the Offshore, a utopia free of societal ills, by passing a series of tests called the Process. The catch? Only 3% of applicants pass the stringent process, hence the show’s title.
Rings a bell, doesn’t it? With its horde of young protagonists, high-stakes competition, and inherently unfair social structure, Netflix’s first foreign-produced original series is cut straight from the Hunger Games mold. While bearing similarities to the wildly popular book series and movie franchise, 3% offers its own unique edge. The Brazilian show will itch the Hunger Games scratch, but still add an entirely new element of excitement.
Here’s a round-up of the shared elements between The Hunger Games and 3%, as if you needed any more convincing.

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