This Instagram Is Almost Enough To Make Us Love The Lannisters

The Lannisters are not exactly the most beloved family on Game of Thrones. The incestuous affair between Cersei and Jaime kicked off the series when they kicked young Bran out of a castle tower. But things didn't stop there. Joffrey Baratheon liked to nail women to his bed with arrows, torment Sansa Stark, and don't even get us started what he wanted to do to the top marginal tax rate of Westeros. A Lannister always pays his debts, sure, but they only do so because of crony mercantilism that lines their pockets at the expense of hardworking Westerosi!
Since then, we've had Cersei blowing up the entire Sept after she used the High Sparrow to imprison her political rivals and their callous treatment of Lady Olenna. She was so nice! Cersei is so mean that her brother and fellow incest enthusiast is giving her the side-eye from the wings of court. You know things are bad when your brother that you have sex with thinks that you're going too far.
Also, Cersei is a jerk to her brother Tyrion. Tyrion himself is no saint. He drinks a lot and runs the day-to-day of a very problematic regime built around an inexperienced warmonger with a white savior complex and an appropriative name. That's very un-PC, Tyrion. "Ooh," you say. "Dragons." Grow up.
Anyways, this Instagram is cute. Four more months until the new season!

Tyrion & Cersei ?

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