A Starbucks Employee Apparently Wrote "Fat" On A Young Girl's Cup

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Starbucks is known for coffee, sure, but also for consistently getting even the simplest names wrong. Starbucks name flubs are so common, in fact, that someone built a fake Starbucks name generator.
It can be funny and easy to laugh off when a Starbucks employee messes up your name, but apparently, some name flubs aren't quite so harmless.
When 11-year-old Teigahn Sangster went to Starbucks with friends recently, she wasn't expecting it to turn into a viral moment. But the Starbucks employee who took her order wrote "fat" or possibly "fato" on her cup, and now the company is launching an official investigation, according to Cosmo.
Sangster ordered a small caramel frappucino and sat down with her friend, who noticed the word.
"I felt really shocked when I saw what was written," she told Mercury Press. "As we sat down my friend first spotted it and said 'that’s rude'."
There's no proof that the Starbucks employee meant to write "fat" on the cup, but even if it was unintentional, it's another in a long line of body-shaming moments this girl will likely experience. We'd be willing to bet it's not the first time she's heard comments critical of her body, and she's only 11-years-old.
"She told me 'it doesn’t matter mum, I am fat,'" her mom told Mercury Press. "It was really upsetting to hear – it made her feel so little and knocked her confidence, I think it’s terrible."
This isn't the first time an employee has gone rogue with the marker on a Starbucks cup. Remember when an employee wrote "diabetes here I come" on a man's cup? These moments might be rare considering the sheer number of cups Starbucks goes through every day, but they happen. It's more evidence of a body shaming culture that entitles people to bully others based on their looks, or what they choose to eat or drink — and it needs to stop.

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