Find Out Your Official Starbucks Name Fail

Photo: Steve Meddle/REX Shutterstock.
We’ve all been there. You order your Starbucks coffee, only to be totally confused by the name the barista calls out when you go to pick up your drink. The bewilderment only continues when you see how your "name" was spelled.

Now, there’s a way to find out your official Starbucks name, so you’ll be extra prepared to claim your S’mores Frappuccino when it hits the chain in five days, even if the moniker on the cup has virtually no resemblance to the one on your birth certificate. What’s My Starbucks Name? is a highly entertaining new website that uses Tumblr sites about Starbucks fails to generate guesses about what customers' Starbucks names might be.

When I typed in my name (Zoe), I was dubbed "Zues" and "Zui." It's a surprisingly accurate result, as I've definitely been a "Zui" according to a least one latte. Maybe the best course of action is to start using our butchered Starbucks names instead of our real ones and see what happens. Although, calling myself “Zues” might end up causing a whole new layer of Frappuccino-flavored confusion. (Eater)

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