Scream Season 3 May Reboot The Show & It's Way Too Cruel

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As a diehard fan of the Scream film franchise, I did not expect to like MTV's series based on the 1996 Wes Craven flick. (After all, as Sidney herself said: "Don't fuck with the original.") So imagine my surprise when I not only enjoyed MTV's delightfully fun fare, but became an absolutely rabid fan of the slasher series. MTV's Scream is a teen drama with a body count. It's Friday Night Lights if a Dillon Lion was getting axed every episode. But it's not merely the concept that made this series work. (Because, frankly, it so easily couldn't.) Instead, it's the characters: the "Millennial Randy" Noah (John Karna), badass queer heroine Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), and lovable, fallen queen bee Brooke (Carlson Young) made Lakewood a chill place to spend time in... even as the murders happened around them. Alas, season 2's Halloween special may be the last time we ever get to hang out with the Lakewood crew.
According to Deadline, MTV is considering rebooting Scream for its six-episode season 3. What does that mean, exactly? As stated in the report, MTV is considering reimagining the series with both a new cast of characters and a brand-new storyline. So all of that Brandon James stuff that we, ahem, never got resolved? It could all fall to the wayside when the series' planned new showrunner — who has yet to be hired — creates their concept for the third season. The "Lakewood Six" (which had been whittled down to the "Lakewood Four" after the events of the show's sophomore season) will be no more, which means we'll never get to know if Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) ever figured out what the hell was going on at the James' farm, or if Noah would ever get a girlfriend that wasn't an early target of the town's serial killer. Basically, we'll never see if these kids got their happy ending — which they totally deserved, considering Ghostface putting multiple targets on their backs.
It makes sense for MTV to weigh their options for the already-locked season 3, especially now that lead actress Fitzgerald has signed on to the Fox pilot Behind Enemy Lines. (Of course, this wouldn't have been a problem if the writers had made Emma the dissociative killer they teased for the entirety of season 2... but I digress.) Still, I'm totally bummed at the prospect of this series continuing without the show's Breakfast Club of serial killer survivors. I won't axe this show from my summer lineup, of course, but I'll definitely shed a tear for the season 3 that may have been.

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