This Video Of A Chocolate Geode Being Cracked Open Has Us Drooling

Geology and baking seem as far apart as you can get, but the latest dessert trend is bringing rocks and confections together in a way you've never seen before. How? Creative bakers are crafting clever geode-inspired cakes that are making us drool.
Don't have a sweet tooth? You can still admire these unique desserts, because they're inspired by crystals — and who doesn't like shiny things?
HelloGiggles reports that Culinary Institute of America student Alex Yeatts dreamed up the crystal-dessert mashup. A quick peek at his Instagram page reveals that the whole process took him over six months. Why? The crystals inside the geode cake are pure rock sugar, which he grew himself. According to science-fair know-how, growing a small crystal — the ones that you're used to seeing in coffee shops and candy stores — can take over a week. Seeing as how Yeatts' dessert is the size of a medium-sized dog, you can imagine just how long it took for those crystals to form. Then, with the help of some fellow students, he shrouds the entire thing in chocolate.
But what's better than seeing the insides of the geode chocolate cake? Watching Yeatts open one up. What appears to be a huge chocolate dinosaur egg meets its match when faced with Yeatts' cleaver and hammer. After a few good whacks, the whole thing cracks open to reveal a pretty convincing sugar geode (we're not kidding, it looks 100% like the ones you see in witch-supply stores) and a deluge of molten chocolate. The sparkling gems look too real to eat, but knowing that they're made of sugar has us drooling already.
It looks like unicorn desserts have finally met their match with this grounded take on sweets. Considering that Yeatts' videos have garnered over 5,000 views, Instagram dessert fanatics can't get enough — and neither can we.

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