Disney's Dove Cameron Is Working On Her Own Pop Music

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Dove Cameron is saying goodbye to the Disney Channel show that launched her to fame. But she's not stepping out of the spotlight just yet.
Liv and Maddie's series finale will air on March 24, and it's sure to be a bittersweet day for the cast. Cameron is looking onward, though — she told Teen Vogue that she's working on music.
"I am actually currently working on my own music. As in, literally right now – today," Cameron told the magazine. "It’s definitely in the realm of pop, but edgier. It's not straight down the center of the road that is pop, it's left of pop. If you took pop and held a lighter to it… it's a little burnt."
Cameron has plenty of musical experience, so we're excited to find out just what "burnt" pop is. The star has previously recorded pop songs with her ex, Ryan McCartan, as part of The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. But we can't wait to see what Cameron will do with her solo career.
And if you love Cameron's portrayal of both Liv and Maddie, don't worry — she doesn't want to abandon acting entirely to pursue music. She told Teen Vogue that she's interested in doing both action and dramatic films in the future.
"I’ve been obsessed with sci-fi action movies lately," Cameron told Teen Vogue. "I tweeted that I would love to play a villain or a cyborg or Tron, like some futuristic, crazy intense thing. I know I don’t look edgy, but I have found that in my personality I just have this natural energy that I enjoy edgier characters and I really want a chance to sink my teeth into something like that." She also cited Birdman and Black Swan as "gritty" films she'd love to do similar projects to.
Check out the full interview over at Teen Vogue.

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