Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan Debut Their New Single On R29’s Facebook Live

Disney Channel stars Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan stopped by the R29 office to play a game of Guess Who? Bonus: They gave us a sneak preview of a brand-new song from their band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Cameron and McCartan debuted "Gladiator," from the upcoming EP, Negatives. The couple also shared some details on the writing process and crafting their sound in an R29 Facebook Live video. "It's really interesting being an actor, because you get things coming to you. It's like, 'Do you want to do this?' and then you work really hard to get the role. But then someone else is in charge of it, so you sit back and are on their timeline," Cameron explained. "With the EP, it was 100% driven by us. It feels like turning in your senior thesis essay." McCartan, who said he mostly works with the music, said forming The Girl and the Dreamcatcher was the realization of a longtime goal. "The pop star dream was always in the back of my mind," he said. "It was always a very secret thing, like me in the basement alone with my guitar. It was the super dream, the thing I really wanted, but never thought would happen." The pair also talked about their deep connection to their fanbase. McCartan said the fans have directed the couple's careers in unique way and that he and Cameron are interested in their feedback. "When we started doing live shows, our fans reached out and said they wanted merchandise. We made a website and made merch. When we started releasing singles, our fans said they want more music, so we buckled down and wrote an EP," he said. "Our fans are really amazing and really vocal — and we love hearing from them. Our music is sort of by them and for them. They're giving us a task list and we're starting to cross things off. Now that we're crossing this one off, I'm excited to see what they ask for next."
Listen to "Gladiator," below:

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