The Most Expensive Game Of Thrones Death Was Also The Most Satisfying

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.
Just when you think a Game of Thrones death scene couldn't get more elaborate (hello, Red Wedding) the show comes out with something even more gruesome. The special effects and pig guts that go into a successful GoT murder are out of control, but the death scene that actually cost the most money to film is not the one you'd expect.
According to Uproxx, during a panel at SXSW, showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff spoke about things like the scenes they regret and what musicians will be making a cameo this season before finally getting to the good (read: disgusting) stuff — the gore. While we don't have enough fingers to count all the memorable ways people have died on this show (face-smashing, poison, and old-fashioned beheading, to name a few), it turns out that sometimes the most simple death scenes are the hardest to pull off.
In fact, the most expensive death occurred during the season 5 finale when Arya Stark killed Meryn Trant, the pedophilic member of the King's Guard. The scene begins with Meryn Trant abusing two young girls, before we find out that Arya has transformed herself into one of them. She jumps up, stabbing Meryn in eyes and throat. Actually, you should just watch it (warning: NSFW!).
There were no explosions, not too much gushing blood, no intense special effects, so what made this scene so expensive?
“She couldn’t really poke out his eyes,” Benioff explained, which we assume means that a lot of fake body parts and choreography were involved in getting the scene exactly right.
It's unclear if the show is planning on topping this scene in the next season, but with only six episodes slated to air, it's safe to assume that no matter what happens, a lot will be packed into each hour. More expensive death scenes will hit HBO when the show returns on July 16.

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