This Singer Was Cast On Game Of Thrones As A Present To Maisie Williams

Ed Sheeran is having himself a year. He's seen his star rise from "good songwriter with a hit and maybe some staying power" to "gigantic supernova that cannot be stopped and will consume the entire world's attention with folk-inflected guitar ballads that somehow also include rapping."
That year will apparently include a surprise cameo on of Game of Thrones, according to The Wrap. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss broke the news during a panel at SXSW. They said that many in the cast are fans of Sheeran, but Maisie Williams especially. So Sheeran is going to be in the show's seventh season.
The true gift to Williams would be if Sheeran was a musician that Arya Stark had to take out on her revenge quest. Also, unrelated, but we would watch a show that's entirely Arya Stark going around and effecting knifepoint diplomacy on all the evil men of Westeros. You know there is no shortage of awful people on Game of Thrones, and we want Arya to personally dispose of all of them. Literally why not? We have a reality star president. There are no rules anymore.
This won't be the first time that a famous musician has appeared on Thrones. Sigur Ros, the Icelandic band, were the musicians during King Joffrey's ill-fated wedding. Their singing was, of course, overshadowed by Joffrey getting insanely poisoned and dying, which will traditionally make weddings kind of a bummer. You never want the groom to die. Unless he's an evil king, in which case all bets are off.
Watch that scene below.
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