These Guys Biked For 7 Hours To Draw A Picture Of A Goat

It's hard to say which feat was more satisfying for this cycling team: A 200 km bike ride that took place over the course of seven hours, or the fact that they were able to make their fitness map look like a goat.
Ben Jones, one of four members of the cycling club "Fight Club," came up with the idea to create a route so that at the end, their fitness map will have drawn a goat. Jones told ABC Perth that he chose to map a goat because "Goats are badass and they're an easy animal to draw in profile."
Fight Club mapped their cycling progress with Strava, an app for runners and cyclists to track their route and progress.
Take a look at the work of art:
Not only did Fight Club contend with a long ride for their art, they also dealt with some high elevation — take a look at the 1,746 m elevation that Strava tracked.
Strava art has been around for quite some time — remember the kid who ran 5.5 miles just to ask a girl to be his prom date?
"Part of the reason we actually did this now is that my partner is nine months' pregnant, she's due in about four days," Jones told ABC Perth. "It was something fun to do before I have a kid."
Though the next adventure might not be for a while, Jones also told ABC Perth that he and Fight Club already have quite a few ideas in mind.
"There is talk of doing a quokka or a numbat or some other iconic West Australian animal," he said.

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