Kal Penn's Maddow Boredom Became A Real Housewives Live-Tweet Masterpiece

Kal Penn, like many of us, found Rachel Maddow's lengthy preamble to her Trump tax scooplet kind of exhausting. Maddow was, yes, doing something important by providing context to the links between Donald Trump and Russia.
But if you, like Penn, are a political junkie, Maddow's introduction may have seemed a meandering laundry list of facts and speculations that many of us have run over countless times in our heads. Yes, she was providing valuable context for the possible tax revelations in the history of Trump's businesses — and holding the audience captive through a commercial break or two. Still, Maddow didn't offer much information other than many "maybe"s that seemed a little irrelevant to the ultimate revelation that Trump had paid a more or less normal amount of taxes.
So Kal Penn didn't take his eye off the ball and get distracted by the ultimate non-story of the tax returns. Instead, he took us into a world of true consequence. Of course, we're talking about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Penn shot off some tweets.
As someone who has watched multiple seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project, I can attest to the overall quality of Bravo-produced television. And the Housewives franchise is universally excellent. Penn's tweets also underscore the ultimately futile nature of hoping Maddow would break truly huge news that might actually change the state of the union. Instead, she had a bit of interesting information, framed it properly, and then kind of meandered around the rest of the time.
Might as well watch some dang Housewives.

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