Baby Spice Pranked Airport Travelers — & Nobody Noticed

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/British Airways/Getty Images.
The British tradition of Red Nose day is being extra generous this year. Not only is the annual event providing that long-awaited Love Actually reunion, it's offering up a slew of clips that are actually giving us reason to laugh. In a new video, Emma Bunton — a.k.a. Baby Spice, for anyone who needs a refresher — took part in the festivities by slipping into a British Airways uniform (jaunty scarf and all) at London's Heathrow Airport and pranking a slew of unknowing passengers.
Naturally, during her stint as a check-in associate, Bunton peppered Spice Girls lyrics into all conversations. The result? It's sure to bring you back to the days of choreographed dances with your besties and fights over which of you was the better Baby Spice.
We'll give you some time to cue up an appropriate Spice Girls soundtrack. You'll want to refresh your memory, but it's clear Bunton has those lyrics down pat. While assisting travelers, she sprinkles in lines from classic junior high makeout jam "2 Become 1" along with "Spice Up Your Life" and "Wannabe."
She even attempts an impromptu ballroom dance with a passenger — reminiscent of her time on Strictly Come Dancing, the Brit version of Dancing with the Stars. She also asks one customer if she has a Spice Girls CD in her carry-on — and who her favorite Spice Girl was. If any of these travelers realized they were talking to a bonafide girl-power superstar, they didn't let on.
Bunton also encourages the passengers to keep moving during their respective flights, going so far as to offer up some choreography to ensure proper circulation while at 30,000 feet. While her sweet moves didn't mirror any Spice Girls music videos in particular, they did provide sound advice.
The Spice Girl's clip is part of a whole series of airline pranks. Red Nose Day also enlisted Olympic diver and certified dreamboat Tom Daley, as well as Little Britain's David Williams.
Check out Bunton's comedic chops (and dance moves) in the video, below.

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