Archie Is NOT Happy With Jughead In This New Riverdale Clip

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Archie (K.J. Apa) and Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) friendship is mythic. Not only have the two been buds forever on Riverdale, the characters' bromance is an Archie Comics staple. On Riverdale, the duo has proved that while they may not always see eye to eye (like, say, when Juggy is scolding Arch for hooking up with his music teacher) they're definitely ride or die. Take the drama on Thursday's episode "In A Lonely Place" as evidence of Archie's everlasting love for his BFF: following Jughead's dad FP's (Skeet Ulrich) sketchy behavior, Archie convinced Fred (Luke Perry) to let the Truman Capote-wannabe live in their house. Things definitely seem good on the Archead front, but to quote a certain S.E. Hinton novel (as the perpetually lit-speaking teens on this show would), "Nothing gold can stay." Archie and Jughead are at odds in this new clip, and it's making me very sad.
We'll have to wait forever (okay, until March 30) to get a new episode of Riverdale, but this new clip should tide you over while also teasing major drama ahead. Though it's unclear where this new clip is from (so take this particular video with a grain of salt) it could be a part of the March 30 episode, titled "The Outsiders." The reason? According to the synopsis for the new episode, the upcoming episode will show the gang at Polly's (Tiera Skovbye) baby shower — just as this clip does.
Alas, Archie and Jughead are not celebrating in this episode. Archie storms into Polly's big day to pick a fight with Jughead over his father's status as a Southside Serpent.

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It's no secret that Juggy had planned to keep the fact that his father is a member of Riverdale's notorious gang on the downlow, but could their be more to the story than Jughead worrying about being judged by "good kid" Archie? Well, considering that FP is currently in possession of Jason's (Trevor Stines) letterman's jacket, it's quite possible that the writer wants to protect his family from anything that could tie them to the golden boy's murder.
I say? There's no way FP is anything more than a red herring... but I'm sure Archie and the crew will get there soon.

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