This Guy's This Is Us Costume Is Better Than The Show's Finale

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
The show that exposed America's collective mushiness bowed out for the season, but Tuesday's finale didn't give every fan the same feels. Plenty of people were pissed that This Is Us — which dangled Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death like a carrot all season long — refused to answer any questions about the Pearson patriarch's demise in the show's freshman finale. Sure, This Is Us isn't a mystery drama (I mean, we're not watching How To Get Away With Murder, even if some fans are convinced that Jack's BFF Miguel offed him to be with Rebecca...) but fans couldn't help but be a little bummed by the "meh" finale. If you're still feeling seriously sad, I have one thing that might cheer you up. You need to see this fan's Jack costume, because while we may have many questions about Jack's future, there's zero question that this guy is winning the costume game.
I first found the *perfect* This Is Us costume in the depths of Reddit. User SethGalena shared this epic photo of his brother Isaac Galena's Purim costume, inspired by the mustached dad. But it's not merely the slicked-back hair and amazing 'stache that makes this costume so epic: it's also the accessories. Check out the interpretation.
Yep, those dolls represent each of the Pearson children, because let's be real: Jack is first and foremost a dad. Even the dolls are excellent interpretations. I mean, just look at kid Kevin's hair! He definitely has the same blonde bowl cut as Parker Bates, who portrays the younger version of Justin Hartley's character. (Ironically, Isaac Galena's Twitter bio reads "Killin it. Unclear what it is." Well, I think we know: it's pulling off a pretty perfect Jack Pearson.)
Purim may have come and gone, but Halloween is still on the horizon. Start assembling your squad right now: the family on this NBC drama is the ideal group costume.

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