Best Weatherperson Ever Predicted How Much Wine Will Get Us Through The Blizzard

In case you didn’t know, the Northeast is currently in the midst of braving winter storm Stella. That means that yesterday, everyone hit up their supermarkets for snow day essentials. Most of us picked up emergency provisions like bread, bottled water, and perhaps most importantly, wine. And luckily, we knew just how much wine we needed to buy thanks to one Philadelphia-based weatherperson.
According to Newscast Studios, yesterday a WPVI meteorologist named Chris Sowers tweeted a photo that shows him predicting how much wine drinkers in each region needed to purchase in preparation for the storm. The map features bands of different shades, which signify projected snowfall. But on this one, instead of inches, the bands are labeled with number of bottles. Areas further north, which are predicted to get the most snow during winter storm Stella, are shown to require the most wine, 25 bottles. Duly noted.
Sowers clarified later that the image was photoshopped and had never actually appeared on television. The photo had been sent to him by a viewer, and Sowers thought it was funny so he decided to share on social media. The weatherman has since deleted it from his account, but many Twitter users agreed that it was a pretty helpful guide while it lasted.
Still, there were some questions that commenters needed clarified about these predictions.
In our experience, when it comes to blizzards, it's always best to play it safe. Just get as much wine or beer or hot chocolate as you can carry.

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