The Hottest Person In Game Of Thrones Is Not Jon Snow

Believe it or not, the hottest person in the Game of Thrones universe is not Jon Snow. Nor, as the opening image of this article would have you believe, is it Khal Drogo (although he comes close second.)
It's actually someone who never physically appears in the show. You know him, though. Or at least, you'd recognize his contributions — probably faster than you'd recall any character's name.
I'm talking about Ramin Djawadi, the man and composer behind the Game of Thrones soundtrack.
I'm not ashamed to say that I audibly hum the theme song at the beginning of every episode — okay and maaaaybe I have gestures to go with it, but whatever. So, I have been a fan for a while. And as if those rousing cello sounds weren't enough, Djawadi is also the genius behind the Westworld soundtrack, and he had me at "Black Hole Sun."
But I had never bothered to Google Djawadi. In my imagination, he was just a vague version of Beethoven with slightly better hair who waved around a baton and made Tywin Lannister looks especially ominous with "The Rains Of Castamere."
So, imagine my surprise, when I recently attended a performance of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience at Madison Square Garden, and a cute man in his 40s took the stage in a dapper suit. Like, really cute. Like, move over Jon Snow, with your sad, sleepy eyes, and make way for this new hottie, cute.
See for yourself:
Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock.
At Refinery29, we don't condone objectifying men based on their looks, but look at that smile. That smile says, "Jon Snow may know nothing, but I do."
And he does. Know things, I mean. The 42-year-old German-Iranian composer apparently watches each season before anyone else, in order to match each moment to the correct music for maximum impact. He knew about Margeary's death, he knew about Tommen's death, and yes, he knew about Jon Snow. "I have to admit — I knew he was coming back all along," Djawadi told Business Insider in July. "It was so hard to stay quiet when everybody asked me, but of course I always said 'I have no idea what you're talking about.'" (Whatever, Ramin, everyone knew that.)
But perhaps one of the most interesting things about Djawadi is that he has a sensory condition known as synesthesia, which means he associates colors with music. He LITERALLY saw a Red Wedding.
He has also composed for action movies like Iron Man (which won a Grammy for its score), Pacific Rim, and The Great Wall. (I know, I know — but the music was the best part of that last one, so he gets a pass.)
So, he's talented. But he also seems really fun!
He tweets things like:
He hangs out with Bran!
His selfie game is on point:
And just as a reminder, this is what he looks like when he plays:
"Dracarys," indeed.

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