Emma Watson Also Finds The Beast Hotter Than His Human Form

Photo: Disney
Yahoo UK captions this video "Emma Watson reveals her weird crush!" but we want to get something out of the way, right away: Her crush is not weird.
Her crush is not weird because her crush is on the Beast in his Beast form, not when he transforms back into a human. That is a rational response. That, like finding the fox from Disney's animated Robin Hood hot, is well within the Overton window of human sexual responses to seeing an anthropomorphic animated animal.
"There's something a bit sad about when he transforms. You're a bit like 'Oh. Ok...You were quite nice before,'" Watson tells Yahoo. "He's hot. The Beast is hot."
And she's not wrong. As the saying goes: "You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, and sometimes you just kind of like the frogs, because at least it's a little different, you know? Like, we all know about princes. But what about a really hot frog? Makes you think." The saying is from a discontinued American slang dictionary, and you won't find it online, but it's insanely real.
Watson's Beast love doesn't stop there. It also extends to the Christ allegory in the Chronicles of Narnia.
"Aslan from Narnia," she says. "I found the lion quite hot. Is that wrong? Is that OK? Probably not. It happens! Sometimes animals in films are hot. I don't know what to say. That's where we're at."
We guess that's what they mean by hung on the cross.
Watch below.

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