Guys, Calm Down, Corinne Is Not Engaged — But She Is Dating Someone New

Photo: Michael Yada/ABC.
Nick Viall is in the home stretch of his Bachelor run (let's hope), but he's not the only one who's finding love. Corrine Olympios, the girl you loved to hate, this season's villain, nap enthusiast, and she of the platinum vagine, is setting the record straight about her own relationship status. In a new interview with E! News, Olympios cleared the air about those engagement rumors, letting everyone know that she's moved on from all that Bachelor drama and found someone of her own.
Keith Berman, one of Olympios' acquaintances, told news outlets that she was actually engaged to someone whom she'd been seeing for three years. But Olympios is setting things straight: It's simply not true. She admitted to meeting with Berman, but it was to tell him to stop talking about her and not to discuss romance.
"This is going to be serious," she told E! "My lawyer is going to get involved and it's going to end bad for him. I said, 'Listen Keith, stop fucking saying this shit. If you keep saying this shit, it's going to be a problem."
Olympios added that the news upsets her because it's affecting her brand. Yes, you read that right. It's gotten to the point that Ms. Olympios is referring to herself as a brand.
"And you know what it's just sad. It's hurting my brand. It's hurting my name," she explained to E! "And I don't want to deal with it and I'm not going to deal with it. I gave him three chances because of his issues to calm down and stop saying shit and that's it. I'm sorry."
And since she took the time to clear up all that engagement hubbub, Olympios added that while she doesn't have a rock on her finger, she is seeing someone. She told E! that she's in the early stages of a relationship and that she's excited about it. The man in question (Olympios didn't name anyone outright) is out of the public eye, which should come as a refreshing change to someone who's now a brand. They're not exclusive yet, so don't expect any sort of wedding announcement from Olympios, either.
One tidbit she did offer? Olympios is heading to L.A., though not for love, per se. Maybe it's because she'll need lush palm trees as a backdrop for all the fat-burning tea she may soon be selling on Instagram.

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