Ciara's Response To Haters Of Her Nude Pic Will Make You Laugh

Ciara has finally responded to all those haters who criticized her for the nude photo of her family. It's a kind of ambiguous response, actually. First, she took down the photo, which seems to be admitting that there was something wrong about it. Then she replaced it with a photo of a woman parodying the shot.
"Pure comedy. Love this!" she wrote.
The photo is of Australian comedian Celeste Barber, who re-creates famous celebrity selfies to show what they look like with real people. Whereas Ciara is wearing sexy underwear, Barber is in enormous briefs. Instead of the singer's peaceful expression, Barber looks like she's struggling to hold up her son, while another unseen child pulls at her face. Just like Russell Wilson, another man kneels behind Barber with his face hidden as he grabs her waist and cups her breast. Both the original and the parody look pretty awkward, if you ask us.

Such a wonderful feeling. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny #ciara #blessed

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Points to Ciara for having a sense of humor about this whole thing. Though even now, it's like she can't win. Fans have replied to her tweet with disappointment that she took down her original photo.
"I hope you didn't delete the picture because of the haters though," wrote one fan.
Whether she decides to resurface the pic or not, Ciara will be just fine. In her interview with Harper's Bazaar, for which that photo was taken, she spoke of how being an army brat toughened her up.
"Emotionally tough," she said. "The truth of it is, it helped me with being able to accept cutting things off... Which I think is a good thing, maybe it could be a bad thing, because it can make you cold in that way."
She said she's learned to show more vulnerability as an adult, though, which is a lot of what a nude photo like that is about, too. "Once you're able to really be truly truthful with yourself, it's life changing," she said. "You have way more compassion than you imagine, you're sensitive to the right things."

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