There’s Now A Fragrance That Smells Like Fear

Photo: Anthia Cumming/Getty Images.
Personally, fear to me smells like that time my hair caught on fire while standing under an overheated lamp. One whiff of burning hair and I immediately pat the back of my head as an anxiety-driven reflex.
But now, one beauty blogger captured the essence of fear for the masses and bottled it up in two pretty little packages. According to The Sun, blogger Scarlett London created Threat de Toilette in collaboration with security company Kaspersky Lab. The fragrance was launched as an effort to make people think twice about what they choose to share online.
"I don't feel that we discuss cyber-security enough — or that enough attention is given to it, especially considering how much of our time and life is spent online," said London in a statement. "My business and livelihood is based online — so if a hacker was to be able to get in and steal content or wipe files from my computer, channel or feeds, it would severely disrupt my business and my ability to grow my channel. My audience's experience would also be disrupted because they wouldn't have any new content to watch."
The fragrance comes in his and her versions, pour femme and pour homme.
Considering the amount of time we spend online, you've got to give it to the marketing team for finding a new approach to a long-time problem. "Fear awakens our senses," said David Emm, the principal security researcher for Kaspersky. "The men and women who wear Threat de Toilette understand today's online threats and protect themselves against them. Fear is no longer felt only in the physical world — it's all around us in our connected lives too and we need to make sure we're constantly protected."
Now, the real question is what exactly does a cyber security-themed fragrance smell like? Not to mention: If we gift this fragrance to oversharing family members on Facebook, would it have the same effect?

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