This Is Not A Drill: 2 New Game Of Thrones Teasers Are Here

HBO knows they have to tide ardent Game of Thrones fans over somehow, considering how they royally screwed us all with a delayed production schedule for season 7. Indeed, the idea of waiting until this summer for the saga to continue is actually a little bit painful for some of us. And in the doldrums of winter, July seems like it's forever away. That's why the surprise release of two new teasers (that appeared to have been leaked early) is so damn exciting.
The two tweets contain a pair of tantalizing "in production" teasers for viewers to salivate over while we pine for the premiere. (Kind fans have dutifully recorded both clips and shared them on Twitter.) One features actress Lena Headey getting her makeup done in preparation to kick ass from her Iron Throne as Cersei Lannister. The other is a long, slow close-up of Brienne of Tarth's beloved sword, Oathkeeper — forged from Valyrian steel. (The sword is notable because it is one of two that Tywin Lannister forged from Ned Stark’s own Valyrian steel sword, Ice. Tywin initially gifted it to Jaime, who later gave it to Brienne on her mission to find and save Sansa Stark at the behest of her mother Jane.)
So yeah, it's those two shots. Less than 40 seconds collectively. That's really all there is. They're called teasers for a reason, people. Are the clips related? Totally random? Significant? Junk production shots? Massive clues that give away literally everything? Encrypted spoilers? Red herrings? What happens if you play them backwards? Mirrored, in slow motion, side-by-side, at the same time? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! REDDIT HELP!!!
The great news is we all have three-plus months to tear our hair out over these utterly inconclusive tidbits. Thank you HBO. But also may we have some more, please.
Theories? Comments? Reactions? Have at it in the comments below.

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