The Passengers Blooper Reel Is Better Than The Movie

Photo: Columbia Pictures/Photofest.
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are no strangers to goofing around with each other. Who can forget when Pratt expertly trolled his Passengers costar by posting a series of Instagram photos without her in them? And when he finally did share an image of the two of them together, he cropped most of her face out.
Of course, Passengers has since come and gone — but luckily, Buzzfeed has more Pratt/Lawrence antics on hand. The site shared an exclusive video of the movie's blooper reel, and it's filled with the same goofy antics we've come to know and love from these two.
There's plenty of awkward giggling on Lawrence's behalf, despite the fact that Passengers really wasn't a comedic movie. In one instance, Lawrence couldn't keep a straight face as Laurence Fishburne's character, Gus Mancuso, discussed the planet Uranus. There's also a moment when Lawrence struggled to drink champagne, choking during a bar scene, and she joked that she wasn't 21.
Lawrence also poked fun at her space attire, saying, "If Jennifer were rescuing somebody, I would put on this outfit and be like, 'Nevermind.'"
During some of the goofing off, Pratt appears more serious, as if he's ready to get back to filming and stop goofing around. But he has his own silly moments, too. At one point, he joked that he was filming Thor 4. (If that ever came to fruition, though, we'd definitely watch it.)
Even if you're not a Jennifer Lawrence fan, this blooper reel will convince you that she's dedicated to her schtick. Lest you think the adorkable goofiness is all an act, these outtakes prove that the quirky, giggly side of Lawrence we see in interviews is apparently truly how she acts. Check out the blooper reel below.

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