These Are The Most Popular Hairstyles On Pinterest For Black Women

Sometimes it seems like there are only two real purposes for Pinterest. The first is to make dermatologists and beauty editors alike cringe at how many people think it’s okay to put baking soda and lemon on their faces. And the second is to provide style and interior design tips to those who aspire to be just like Lauren Conrad. (Which, apparently, is an alarming number of women. Not that we can blame them.)
But don’t let that scare you away. Dig a little deeper — or scroll a little faster — and you’ll find that somewhere among the 50 billion pins, beyond all the skin-care hacks and easy shrimp scampi recipes, there lies a treasure trove of genuinely useful information. Pinterest recently released its compendium of the most-pinned photos in countless categories, including the top hairstyles for black women. The looks are so good, we just have to share.
Short curls, long braids, natural ‘fros, and tight cornrows — you’ll see them all reflected in the list of Pinterest’s MVPs. A few of the most-pinned styles, ahead…

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