Leslie Jones Lobbied To Have The Property Brothers Redo Her Home This Weekend

Saturday Night Live might have some new set designers on its hands. Drew and Jonathan Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers stopped by the studio to watch the taping of Saturday night's episode. After the credits, the home renovation stars caught up with big time fan, Leslie Jones. Together, they hatched some pretty daring plans.
"When you go to SNL and Leslie pulls out reno plans to review," Jonathan captioned the photo. "Haha any other cast renos I can help with? How about a meditation room for Vanessa, karaoke studio for Kenan and a karate dojo for Kate?"
These plans came about thanks to a charming back and forth the two hosts had with the comedian before the show.
Jonathan promised Leslie that if she made him laugh, he'd help plan her kitchen. Leslie was confident she could do just that, replying "and OH IM GONNA MAKE YOU LAUGH."
Then Drew got in on the fun.
"I'll up the anti..." Drew added. "Make ME laugh so hard I pee myself...I'll build you a new house!!"
"See now you just asking for it!!" Leslie replied.
This friendship continued on set, where the group posed for photos, along with Drew’s fiancée, Linda Phan, and Jonathan’s girlfriend, Jacinta.
"TONIGHT WAS AWESOME!!" Leslie posted on Twitter. "Thanks to Octavia Spencer!! And I got to meet Steph Curry! And @PropertyBrother came to the show!!"
"One of the funniest people I know!" Drew posted. "Thanks for a great show @Lesdoggg!!!"
It's unclear if Leslie actually followed through on her promise to make the brothers pee their pants, but if she ends up with a new house anytime soon, then we'll know exactly what went down in the audience that night.
Either this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or of a seriously amazing new home renovation show. We'll take both.

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