J. Lo Fails Her Daily Show "Jenny From The Block" Test

In 2002, Jennifer Lopez reminded us that no matter where her career successes take her, she'll always remember her Bronx origins. (Yes, that's a paraphrase of her classic "Jenny from the Block.") But in an appearance on The Daily Show Monday, Lopez revealed that she might not be as familiar with her home city as she used to be.
The episode hasn't aired yet, but the Daily Show shared some teasers on its Facebook page. In one clip, host Trevor Noah asks Lopez how much a single ride's subway fare is in New York City, to see if she still knows the city's ins and outs.
Lopez admitted that while she spends five to six months of the year in New York, she doesn't know the current cost of a subway ride. She said the last time she rode the subway, it was $1.75, and she was shocked to find out that now, a one-way ride actually costs $2.75.
Lopez also noted, though, that she "starting riding the subway when it was 50 cents." She's still a New Yorker, through and through.
We have to cut her some slack, too. It's not as bad a gaffe, say, as when Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested last year that New Yorkers still use subway tokens, which were phased out in 2003.
The singer fared better when Noah asked her about her old subway line, and the 6 train she used to ride. He asked what the last stop on the 6 was. Lopez correctly answered that the 6's southern-most stop is the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan, and its northernmost stop is Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx.
Lopez managed to squeeze her Bronx roots into another question, too. When Noah asked about her success and whether she looks in the mirror and says, "Damn, girl!" Lopez had the best response. "Dude, honestly, I have that moment all the time," Lopez told Noah. "'Cause I'm such a Bronx girl, and my family's so Bronx — I'm serious! — that I'll stand in the middle of my living room and be like, this is crazy. Honestly, I get goosebumps thinking about it. It never escapes me how fortunate I've been..."
We'll give her a free pass on the subway fare question — it sounds like she's definitely still "Jenny from the Block."

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